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Meet Gabriel Muller

Meet Gabriel Muller

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Reston, Virginia & Washington DC :

Gabriel Muller is a high-energy, enterprising and future-focused C-suite executive with 10+ years of senior operations leadership success in the financial services industry. His career includes a proven track record of boosting revenue and assets under management for nationwide wealth management firms by orchestrating growth-oriented business vision and strategies. He also specializes in defining and executing an ongoing, unforgettable client experience through innovative methods. Gabriel is known as a nimble leader who adapts to and excels in dynamic business environments. He is passionate about helping small companies reach their potential and provide clients with a world-class experience. As an avid pilot, Gabriel develops a clear flight plan and performs a thorough review of the aircraft before each outing to ensure that the plane is airworthy. 
  • Chief Operating Officer, Glassman Wealth Services
  • Helped grow Glassman Wealth Services from $250 million to $1.3b in assets under management in 7 years.
  • Led and built the culture to be named #1 Best Place to work 4 years in a row
  • Schwab Technology, Operations & Service (TOS) Advisory Board Member
  • Mission: to positively impact even more lives.
Gabe Muller - Regional Chair - City Forums - COO Alliance