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Meet Chris Scherer

Meet Chris Scherer

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Chicago, Illinois & Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Chris Scherer helps small and mid-sized business owners, CEOs and COOs filter through the chaos and achieve their goals through a proven and structured approach. With over 25 years experience in global finance and healthcare, Chris knows how to execute system wide programs that add value and mitigate risk across borders, industries, and technologies. He specializes in business intelligence, data analytics, and process review and development. Chris’ attention to structure is a key component in the sustainable growth of a business.
  • Transformation leader
  • 25+ years global experience
  • Experience: finance, human resources, IT and operations, & executing system-wide programs
  • Delivered over $110M in first in first-year savings to clients in various industries.
  • Led numerous multi-disciplinary Fortune 500 teams
  • Helped a boutique management consulting firm grow from 11 employees to 130+, increasing revenue over 10X in only 6 years
  • Helps senior leaders of small & mid-sized companies
Chris Scherer - Regional Chair - City Forums - COO Alliance