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Help Your COO Increase Your Revenue, Optimize Your Operation, And Network With other COOs at Exclusive Events!

There’s no shortage of training and memberships available for CEOs. Everything from books to courses, retreats to boot camps, there is always something being developed to further improve your skills set as a leader.

But what about your Second-in-Command?

While you might be busy being the face of the company and managing your share of the workload, it’s your Second-in-Command that requires the tools to grow your company.

By giving them access to resources that further develop their skills, you’re investing in your company. The more they know, the more excel and generate better ideas for your business.

That’s why I created the COO Alliance: a diverse community of COOs with a year-long online community dedicated to improving business skills and management ideas.

Membership to this exclusive community provides powerful two-day events where your COO can network with other COOs, brainstorm solutions to grueling company problems, and learn new strategies to streamline workflow at the office.

My name is Cameron Herold, and I’m the COO behind 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. Over the course of 6 years, I grew the company from $2 million to well over $100 million, earning me the nickname “the CEO Whisperer.”

Prior to that, I had leadership team roles with Boyd Autobody and College Pro Painters. And can you guess what I noticed with each and every company I worked with? They didn’t invest in their Second-in-Command’s job specific skills.

Big, major companies managing millions of dollars in contracts weren’t investing in their COO, which means they weren’t living up to their fullest potential. And this happens all the time. But the benefits of investing in COO training have far-reaching effects.

Imagine leading a more profitable and efficient company. Imagine having an astounding company culture, and a team of employees that genuinely wants to succeed. Not only could your networking reap the rewards of collaborations and partnerships at a much quicker rate, but you could also experience the rapid growth you’ve only seen competitors achieve until now.

Our Members’ CEOs Approve

  • Great training for any COO

    Our COO has been in the COO Alliance for three years. It's been integral for her professional growth and the growth of our company. I recommend Cameron's program to anyone who asks (or even those who don't ask!)
    Kevin Gianni, CEO/co-founder - Annmarie Skin Care
  • This program has been extremely valuable

    This program has been extremely valuable for our COO, for me as the Founder, and for our organization. Our COO has learned valuable insights and strategies to help steward our company’s future. Cameron has a unique insight into business and the manner in which he curates this program that is unmatched.
    Nick Friedman, Co-Founder and President
    College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving
  • Great value

    It's hard to measure the value of having our COO (Guy Berry) be part of COO Alliance for the past two years. Guy's professional growth has been impressive, and our company has benefited and gained brand new important capabilities because of it. I enjoy hearing about the solid ideas coming after COO Alliance meetings, and my relationship with Guy has never been better because of it.
    David Berg, Founder, Redirect Health
  • We are excited to work and partner with…

    We are excited to work and partner with the COO Alliance. Our team has always been solidly behind personal growth as well as professional growth. The COO Alliance helps our company in both areas. As CEO, having our COO collaborate with the best of the best globally has been such an advantage to our entire team.
    Scott W. Danner, CEO, Freedom Street Partners
Don’t Miss the Chance to Help Your COO Become
the BEST At What They Do

The COO Alliance is designed to support the Second-in-Command, improving upon their skills, and equipping them with the tools necessary to further grow within their roles.

Each and every member is vetted to ensure they’re an exceptional community fit, so networking dynamics run smoothly and effectively.

And this is the only membership in the world that offers this specifically for COOs.

Membership Benefits

If your organization is currently generating $5M+ in annual revenue, then your COO is eligible to apply for a COO Alliance membership, which includes:

  • Networking opportunities so they can learn from a vetted group of other COO professionals
  • A guaranteed 10x revenue worth of results, or your money back
  • Exclusive workshops and training, available from anywhere in the world
  • Exclusive guest speakers for every event of the year
  • Presentations from peers, ready to share their own insight and knowledge
  • Private access to member contact information to facilitate networking opportunities
  • Exclusive access to social channels for added networking capabilities
  • Access to past event speaker and peer videos so they can learn even when they're unable to make it to an event
  • Quarterly Zoom Calls between Cameron Herold and the rest of the members

Test Drive COO Alliance for A Limited Time Only

For a limited time, you can test drive COO Alliance and have your COO join us for one National Event. For only $6,740, your Second-in-Command can…

  • Experience ample networking opportunities
  • 10x your revenue/results or your money back
  • Access exclusive workshops and training
  • Join us at an exclusive National Event, featuring a special speaker
  • Access peer presentations

This is a one-time offer, especially reserved for COOs ready to take their careers and companies to the next level.

As a CEO, it’s your responsibility to ensure the company continues to grow, which means reinvesting in your team.

Don’t miss out on this highly valuable opportunity to 10x your revenue, streamline your operations, and network with other C-level executives.

About Cameron Herold

The mastermind behind the exponential growth of companies such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Blue Grace Logistics, and Elite SEM, Cameron Herold is known as the “CEO Whisperer” for a reason.

By the age of 35, he’d built a few $100M companies, and by 42, they’d landed over 5,200 media placements, including coverage on Oprah.

These days, people line up for Herold’s coaching, speaking events, and business books, wanting to learn from his on-hand experience and practical advice.

Called the “best speaker I’ve ever heard” by Rich Karlgaard, publisher of Forbes magazine, Herold has made a name for himself due to his approachable method of presenting information clearly and concisely, expertly simplifying even the most complex of strategies.

Anyone joining the COO Alliance is opening themselves up to learn insider tips, gain access to tools, and network the way Herold himself has done all throughout his career.

Frequently Asked Questions

An annual company revenue of $5M+, An annual company revenue of $5M+, a title of COO, VP of
Operations, GM, President, and/or being a true Second-in-Command.
Phoenix, AZ and Vancouver, BC, Canada. Check out our full event details here.
Primarily, prepare to be sociable and willing to learn. The more you interact with people at events, the more value you’ll receive out of the whole experience.
Travel and hotel stays are not included in the membership fee. This fee covers your meals, events for the year, additional activities during the events, and travel during your time with us in Phoenix or Vancouver. If you have a food allergy or diet request, email us as soon as possible, so we can ensure you receive an appropriate menu.
Your company as a whole―the good, the bad, the areas that need improvement. The more they can share, within reason, the better we can all shed light on the situation and offer insight.