Ep. 160 – AdOutreach Head of Operations, Julia Gordy

Ep. 160 – AdOutreach Head of Operations, Julia Gordy

Our guest today is COO Alliance Member Julia Gordy, who is the Head of Operations at AdOutreach. 

AdOutreach is a company that helps entrepreneurs & marketers harness the power of YouTube Ads to skyrocket their leads & sales. 

Julia is integral in the management of AdOutreach and specializes in analyzing and improving organizational processes to improve quality, productivity, and efficiency. As one of the first employees at AdOutreach in 2018, Julia has worn almost every hat in the business as the company scaled to helping over 1,000 businesses generate multiple 8-figures in client revenue through YouTube Ads. She specializes in analyzing and improving organizational processes, working to improve quality, productivity and efficiency so that AdOutreach can best serve their clients.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The challenges Julia has faced in her personal life and as the Head of Operations 
  • Identifying the areas needed for growth and tracking the metrics as the company scales 
  • Hiring people smarter than you and overcoming the mental hurdle of knowing you’re not replacing yourself 
  • What makes a good client for AdOutreach 
  • Experiences working with different age groups 
  • Systems for recruiting and interviewing remote team members


Connect with Julia Gordy: LinkedIn 

AdOutreach – https://adoutreach.com


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