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Grow Revenue, Streamline Operations, and Connect with Other C-Level Executives at Exclusive Events!
COO Alliance Members Say They’ve Been Saving or Making $1 Million+ in Revenue After Attending Just ONE Event!

Due to the quality of the hand picked and vetted peer group (as featured in Fortune Magazine "The Rise Of The COO Support Group") companies have saved and made millions by dedicating a few days a year to attend.

Connect with Ops-Minded Professionals, Learn New Strategies, and Develop Revenue-Generating Ideas with Some of the Best in the World!

Join a peer group and trusted community of executives who are the Second in Command for multi-million dollar organizations around the globe.

#1: Creating and Managing Rapid, Healthy Growth

#2: Building a Culture that Attracts an A-Team

#3: Obtaining COO & CEO Relationship-Building Tools

#4: Streamlining Workflows by Leveraging Technology

#5: Mastering Strategic Planning & Execution

#6: Developing Communication Skills that Drive Your Company’s Vision & Success

#7: Becoming a Dynamic Leader

#8: Cultivating Career and Life Balance

Meet “The CEO Whisperer

Cameron Herold is the mastermind behind the exponential growth of hundreds of companies. He earned his reputation as The CEO Whisperer by providing guidance and expertise to help clients double their profit and double their revenue in three years or less.

Cameron’s current clients include a “Big 4” wireless carrier and a monarchy. What do his clients say they like most about him? That he isn’t a theory guy—they like the fact that Cameron speaks only from experience.

Now, anyone who joins the COO Alliance can learn client’s insider strategies, tools, and techniques from the founder himself.

What Our Members Are Saying

Generated About $500K

"From these events, I’ve generated about $500,000, the first is about $250k of annual savings by making… "

Jonathan Derby

Ongoing Operations

Saved About $300K in Costs

"We have easily saved about $300,000 in costs by having a lot more clarity about setting better goals… "

Brittany Walters

Scribe Media

$260K in New Profit

We approximate about $260,000 of actual savings, not sales…new profit! It was 8 different items that made for a phenomenal week… "

Jim Kozel

World Emblem International

$1M in Opportunities and Savings

"We’re in the seven figures ($1,000,000+) in terms of opportunities and savings…using these tools… "

Frank Girardi

Secure It Tactical


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