Ep. 141 – Innovator Industrial Services COO, Chris Coombs

Ep. 141 – Innovator Industrial Services COO, Chris Coombs

Our guest today is Chris Coombs, the COO of Innovator Industrial Services. Chris supports the company mission by transforming Innovator’s vision into actionable steps that create traction towards realizing their vision. 

Chris also serves as the Technical Director, offering extensive knowledge on Innovator’s service lines while ensuring that the work done on each project meets and exceeds regulatory compliance for both Innovator and their customers.

In 2006, Chris began his career after graduating from a technical college in Newfoundland. Chris worked in Alberta in the oil and gas industry, then advanced into engineering, designing Engineered Pressure Enclosures and obtaining his Professional Technologist designation through ASET. Chris later transferred to New Brunswick, working as an Operations Manager, gaining experience on various service lines within the Specialty Maintenance Industry.

After 2 years, his role as an Operations Manager ended when the company closed. Chris returned to Edmonton where he eventually received the call to perform work in his home province of Newfoundland. This call would be the start of his career at Innovator, where he has continued to grow himself and the company for 8 years. 

Chris, together with his wife Stephanie have two young boys, Clark and Brady. Chris enjoys taking his family to their weekend campsite where the boys can play and enjoy outdoor fun. When not enjoying the outdoors with his family, Chris can be found playing Men’s League Hockey or playing golf.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How to pronounce Newfoundland 
  • What types of services Innovator Industrial Services provides in the energy and oil and gas industry
  • How COVID-19 impacted Innovator Industrial Services 
  • Why large companies outsource to Innovator Industrial Services 
  • How to identify the maintenance budgets for potential clients 
  • How Innovator Industrial Services are grooming internally and finding people externally for management roles


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