Ep. 127 - Advisors Excel Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Miller

Ep. 127 - Advisors Excel Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Miller

Our guest today is Advisors Excel’s Chief-Operating-Officer, Mike Miller.

Mike is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Go Modern. Both Advisors Excel and Go Modern are located in Topeka Kansas. Prior to joining Advisors Excel in 2013, he spent 20 years in the manufacturing industry holding executive positions in operations, finance and corporate development. Mike has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Kansas State University and currently serves on the advisory board for the Financial Planning Degree program at Kansas State.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The operations of Advisors Excel and how they function in their niche, helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams
  • What attracted Mike Miller to Advisors Excel from a long career in manufacturing 
  • What makes the culture program work for Advisors Excel 
  • What areas Mike has focused on to adapt as a leader 
  • How Mike has scaled Advisors Excel from 250 to over 600 employees 
  • Setting the tone of the culture that breeds trustworthy, hard workers who can work remotely without micromanaging and weeds out bad job applicants 
  • Understanding the difference between trying to make the decision versus executing the best on the decision


Connect with Mike Miller: LinkedIn 

Advisors Excel – https://www.advisorsexcel.com

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