Ep. 112 - Fully Accountable Chief Operating Officer, Rachel Scava

Ep. 112 - Fully Accountable Chief Operating Officer, Rachel Scava

Our guest today is Fully Accountable’s COO, Rachel Scava.

Fully Accountable is a full-service eCommerce accounting firm offering outsourced finance and accounting for eCommerce and digital companies. Fully Accountable’s services lets clients choose from outsourced bookkeeping, outsourced accounting, and fractional outsourced CFO advisory services for business. Their U.S. based CPAs and digital experts aim to simplify the accounting processes and reduce tax liabilities.

Rachel Scava is a COO and has 9 years of experience. Rachel studied at John Carroll University with a degree in BS in Political Science and Sociology and at the University of Akron School of Law for Juris Doctorate, Law. She is an Attorney and specializes in Operations, Human Resources, Team Building, Company Development, Event Planning, Leadership, Business Growth, Legal Writing, Strategic Hiring, Research, Legislation, Legal Research and Mediation.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Identifying what is needed in a company and turning that into a profitable business solution
  • Fully Accountable’s company focus in utilizing finance as a profit center 
  • How to align your staff in the positions with the responsibilities they are required to take and remove tasks that are not necessary for them 
  • Understanding how debt can be the way to fuel your growth

Interesting Highlights:

  • Fully Accountable works with a lot of clients in the eCommerce space 
  • Fully Accountable has a fun way of boosting their company culture to all their offices and remote locations by creating days like ‘National Donut Day’ utilizing DoorDash to deliver donuts to all their team members or flying everyone in for their Christmas party, enabling everyone to participate


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