Ep. 110 - Chantel Ray Chief Operating Officer, Heather Roemmich

Ep. 110 - Chantel Ray Chief Operating Officer, Heather Roemmich

Our guest today is Chantel Ray Real Estate’s COO, Heather Roemmich.

After graduating from Virginia Tech, with a degree in Political Science and a concentration in Legal Studies, Heather discovered real estate, obtained her license and began selling as a full time career. A few years later, she joined Chantel Ray Real Estate as an admin, taking on any administrative task she could. Shortly after joining, she began selling again and worked as an agent for several years. 

Heather started from a lower level management position and worked her way up. She established various processes to help the company become more efficient. She did this for all departments as she grew through the company to streamline their operations.

Two years ago, Heater was promoted to COO, overseeing all operations of the company. This allows her to go into each department on a regular basis and make sure their systems and processes work seamlessly, always finding ways to become more scalable and more efficient. Last year, Heather co-founded a marketing and media company called Simpronto, which she also serves as COO, where she oversees all operations. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family, her husband Kyle, their two children Brayden (9) and Adalyn (6) and being their cheerleader at all of their events. 

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Accountability among employees without micromanaging and presenting self-realization which removes most of the obstacles 
  • Testing remote and in-office positions; Which setting many people prefer 
  • Strengthening marketing efforts to grow your business 
  • How powerful training employees through the use of podcasts to learn new skills and enhance their own self worth within their roles 
  • Treating employees as stakeholders in the company, giving them a voice and allowing them to make decisions on their personal growth 

Interesting Highlights:

  • Heather manages two companies along with a home life with a husband and two children, scheduling her days from 4am-9pm 
  • Heather expresses the necessity of communicating the “nitty-gritty”, straight to the point to CEOs  
  • Chantel Ray analyzes the necessity of the work environment and cuts costs on physical offices that don’t fit the work style of their agents but instead sets up virtual environments so agents are capable of interacting with their clients 


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