Ep. 107 - Bundren Painting & Drywall COO, Michael Fiorenza

Ep. 107 - Bundren Painting & Drywall COO, Michael Fiorenza

Our guest today is Bundren Painting and Drywall’s COO, Michael Fiorenza.

Michael Fiorenza has a professional background that crosses multiple industries, allowing him the opportunity to consistently draw on technical experiences to guide his decision making.  By building high performing teams and being an advocate for both change and professional development within an organization, Michael has enjoyed success in the commercial construction industry while making a difference in people’s lives and changing city skylines.  

Having had the fortune of working alongside and learning from prominent mentors and tradesmen during his career, Michael has been able to develop and run successful construction companies as both part of a management team, consultant, and an Owner/Entrepreneur.  

Michael joined Bundren Painting and Drywall based in Houston, Texas in 2011, and has been the COO since 2018.  Bundren Painting and Drywall has been a fixture in the Houston construction industry since 1984 and has installed finishes on high profile projects throughout the city and region.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • What to do when people are in the market looking for the lowest bid 
  • How Bundren Painting and Drywall separates themselves from other construction companies 
  • How Michael and CEO Craig had to adapt and improve their communication over the years 
  • How Michael deals with managing his teams and how his DISC assessment plays a role into his interactions   

Interesting Highlights:

  • Bundren Painting and Drywall developed an intricate career path to help recruit and retain better employees 
  • Bundren is becoming more technologically driven, keeping an eye on pursuing the cutting edge by incorporating technological advances in the field. 
  • Bundren has developed a strong culture and is not involved with any union, particularly as Texas is not a union state. 


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