Ep. 105 - Sullivan & Stanley COO, Kevin Corne

Ep. 105 - Sullivan & Stanley COO, Kevin Corne

Our guest today is Sullivan & Stanley COO, Kevin Corne.

Sullivan & Stanley is a full-service consulting disruptor, working closely with companies to get to the root of their problems. Collaborating with their clients, they develop unique solutions and convert them into 90-day outcomes.

Kevin’s role as Chief Operating Officer is to complement Pat in his Chief Executive position driving the S&S vision, whilst building, implementing and operating a scalable and sustainable business, that supports the needs of our customers today and in the future.

Outside of work, when Kev is not spending time with his wife Helen and their three kids, you’ll find him playing a round of golf or fishing on a quiet lake. Kevin also enjoys mountain biking, motorsports such as F1, baseball, rugby and is a big fan of Sci-Fi.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Kevin has built a strong relationship with his CEO who has an entrepreneurial mindset and moves more fast-paced compared to Kevin 
  • How S&S’s forward-thinking with a remote working environment has helped to improve communication and keep their business moving forward 
  • Identifying when to approach the CEO with disagreements and giving them the honor of their role among the rest of the team 
  • What systems S&S has in place to grow their remote members 
  • The necessary meetings and accountabilities are conducted throughout the week 
  • Identifying the right qualities in people you’re looking to hire 

Interesting Highlights:

  • Sullivan & Stanley’s clientele sweeps front to back in a company, looking into leadership advisory, change management down to delivering and engineering
  • S&S looks for clients who resonate with their approach and are willing to look at change. Their scorecards help them to better determine if they are a good and qualified fit for their potential clients 
  • Sullivan & Stanley was named after the CEO Pat’s children in a way to keep that aim in the future of businesses. 


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