Ep. 102 - Truss COO & Founder, Jennifer Leech

Ep. 102 - Truss COO & Founder, Jennifer Leech

Our guest today is Truss COO and founder, Jennifer Leech.

Jennifer has doubled the performance of APIs operating at rates of over 10,000 requests per second and led petabyte-scale data analysis operations, saving millions of dollars per annum. Jen has experience at nearly every level of the stack from user-facing applications down to and including silicon.

Jennifer earned Highest Honors in her degree of BS in Computer Engineering at UC Santa Cruz. In her free time she enjoys designing systems ranging from electronics for interactive fire art to thriving zero-water-use native gardens in the desert.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Having the confidence to speak openly and truthfully to your superior 
  • Proper communication as a benchmark to good leadership 
  • The habits and skills that should be developed over time during growth in your role 
  • Effectively describing the vivid vision to resonate and communicate authenticity with others  

Interesting Highlights:

  • Truss pulls data from one source to output to another (data pipelines); from different providers in various formats in order to drive useful assessments 
  • Truss started as product group which later evolved into consultancy building software products in the government and healthcare space 
  • The evolution of this company was done based on where they saw their revenue grow. Truss essentially followed the money and drove their attention based on what was working for them


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Check out: https://truss.works

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