Ep. 91 - Bite Squad COO, Kyle Hale

Ep. 91 - Bite Squad COO, Kyle Hale

Our guest today is Bite Squad’s Chief Operating Officer, Kyle Hale.

Bite Squad is a restaurant delivery service and is prominent for providing excellent service whether delivery or take-out. They are partnered with local restaurants, maintain a robust customer service, and utilize a fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles to get fresh food from the restaurant straight to the customer, quickly and hassle free!

Kyle Hale is an entrepreneur and technology executive who built the foundation of his career in sales and operations with both B2B and B2C high growth technology companies. His roles span the fitness industry, multi-unit operations in QSR, e-commerce, selling software to the enterprise and most recently as partner and COO of Bite Squad, the restaurant delivery service which was acquired for $321M in January of 2019. 

As COO Kyle led customer support, dispatch, field operations, and cross matrix managed sales, marketing, and product with the CEOs. A unique generalist with expansive domain knowledge in sales, marketing automation, product/software development, full-cycle recruiting, leadership, and strategy execution. More creative than an executive, he has a non-egotistical approach with a focus on developing the psychology and performance of his team through 1-1 mentoring. 

After building two companies to acquisition in the last 7 years, he is now consulting with startups in the midwest and serving as Chief Dad Officer to his two-year-old son Sky!

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Bite Squad launched successfully by first finding restaurants that wanted to participate in their program before actually building the service. 
  • What important marketing lessons Kyle learned from Leadpages and Drip to learn and increase conversions with their sales funnels 
  • What coaching model/framework Kyle implements 
  • How Bite Squad structured their leadership team and how often they met 
  • What important lessons Kyle learned during the process of the pre-acquisition

Interesting Highlights:

  • What important lessons Kyle learned during the process of the pre-acquisition 
  • Bite Squad operated with several people on Slack heavily for communication, Google Doc for training & documentation, and an outsourced call center service until the company was sold  


Connect with Kyle Hale: LinkedIn

Check out Bite Squad: https://www.bitesquad.com

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