Ep. 89 - Sphero COO, Jim Booth

Ep. 89 - Sphero COO, Jim Booth

Our guest today is Jim Booth, the Chief Operating Officer of Sphero. 

Sphero is a company that creates high-tech robots encouraging learning through play, where he currently oversees operations, sales, marketing, and business development areas.  

Prior to Sphero, Jim’s entrepreneurial experience includes Rally Software and three early-stage startups in operations, business development, and founder roles.  He began his corporate career at FedEx as an Engineer and Manager of Strategic Alliances during pivotal growth years for the company.   

Jim is still an active mentor to companies in Techstars, Patriot Bootcamp, and other startups.  He is a 1990 graduate of the US Military Academy and served as an Army Officer during combat operations in the Middle East.  Outside of Sphero, Jim loves to travel with his family and enjoys cheering for his kids at their sporting events.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The number of skills you can pull from the military which then applies to the startup world. 
  • Inspiring the creatives of tomorrow and what it takes to do this. 
  • How trust is built through leaders working together every day and problem solving together. This starts in the hiring process and is nurtured ongoing. 
  • Why lunch and learns can work and help improve a company quickly. 
  • Gaining satisfaction by spending time mentoring and also figuring out what you need to do differently to work with those right in front of you. 
  • How each individual location can have a specific culture but then there is an overall company culture and how to make all of these mesh together. 

Interesting Highlights:

  • Switching from the military to the corporate world and everything you have to understand and comprehend to do this. 
  • What the perfect storm of interest looks like and how to capitalize on this. 
  • Why meetings suck and how everyone can be better and not complain about them. 


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