Ep. 81 - T3 COO, Christian Barnard

Ep. 81 - T3 COO, Christian Barnard

Our guest today is Christian Barnard, the COO of T3. 

Christian oversees all aspects of agency operations at T3, drawing from 20+ years of experience from some of the world’s leading design and technology consulting firms. He works across all T3 clients and offices, focused on scalable growth, innovation, and fostering a creative and diverse culture within the agency. 

During his career, Christian has managed the development of integrated digital experiences across mobile, social, and commerce for clients in retail, healthcare, financial services, and entertainment.  Prior to T3, Christian was Group Vice President at Razorfish, leading the Austin office operations. He also lead Austin presence for SapientNitro, built out the global delivery function for Frog design, and managed the UX design, strategy, and content team at AT&T. 

He studied visual design in college and started his career as a typesetter and freelance designer in Chicago. He created his first digital experiences in the mid-90s and worked on the original online edition of the Chicago Tribune. On weekends, Christian has been known to burn some time racing cars and sailing boats.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Understanding customer behavior and driving customer loyalty across your brand/ 
  • T3 and “The Connected Experience”. Why you need an innovative and consistent brand experience.
  • Why culture is important in a family-owned company and how past experience and passion for building an organization can assist with building the best culture possible.
  • Using focusing on the work as the differentiator in the war on talent. 
  • Possible ideas for different meeting rhythms and why at the end of the day the most important task is keeping everyone informed and engaged. 
  • The best tools for remote teams to stay informed and communicate with one another.

Interesting Highlights:

  •  T3 focusing on the restaurant sector and why they are taking this approach as a company. 
  • How the COO role in every company is completely different. 


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