Ep. 77 - Worldwide Express COO, Joel Clum

Ep. 77 - Worldwide Express COO, Joel Clum

Our guest today is Joel Clum, the Chief Operating Officer of Worldwide Express.

Worldwide Express is a $1.6B third-party logistics company that helps small to mid-sized businesses with their small parcel, less-than-truckload, and full truckload shipping needs.  Worldwide Express has over 150 company-owned and franchise locations nationwide and supported over 92,000 customers in 2018.

Prior to joining the company in 2015, Joel was a founding executive at the logistics consultancy, CarrierDirect, in Chicago, which was recognized with an Inc 500 fastest growing companies award for their growth in 2014.  Joel began his career at Accenture Strategy in Chicago, where he worked with a variety of multi-national companies on enterprise strategy in the US, Europe and China. Joel graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Finance and is a member of the Eli Broad College of Business Advisory Board.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Why every company needs a technology strategy to adapt to the future and be willing to make the investments to keep up with the advancements.  
  • The purpose of weekly and monthly checkpoints and being able to adapt along the way to arrive at the end goal. 
  • How developing your people and showing them what their career paths could be within your company is becoming crucial in today’s job market.
  • The first decade out of college – why you should be chasing ways to be better, the best version of you, versus a title or paycheck.

Interesting Highlights:

  • Today’s market is really tough to find good people, but once you find them, you need to do what it takes to keep them. 
  • The Interview process today has to be faster than ever before; people won’t wait on the process. 
  • You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with.


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