Ep. 76 - Flix Brewhouse COO, Matthew Baizer

Ep. 76 - Flix Brewhouse COO, Matthew Baizer

Our guest today is Matthew Baizer the COO at Flix Brewhouse.

Matt came to Flix from Real Mex Restaurants where he was the Director of Franchise Operations for Chevy’s 24-store franchise operation as well as a region of five company-owned stores, including its Times Square flagship location. His franchise and company stores represented a combined $78 million of system-wide sales. Prior, he was Regional Director of Operations for Chevys, with city responsibility for San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. 

From 2000 to 2004, Matthew was the Vice President of Operations, for Zao Noodle Bar, a unique Pan-Asian restaurant concept that grew to 10 locations in four markets plus two licensed outlets on the West Coast. In 2004 he became the President and CEO of Zao where he remained until 2010. 

Matthew is a food service “lifer”. He is a 1990 graduate from the Cornell University School of Hospitality with concentrations in food and beverage management and finance.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The slight difference between restaurant and retail, as a restaurant we manufacture our final product on site. 
  • The ability to make scalable decisions that work today and also support the business for years to come.
  • Technology’s ever-changing ole in business and why you need to stay on top of not only what is changing today but in the future as well.
  • Innovative ideas to reduce and prevent turnover in the restaurant space.
  • How being the COO is completely different than being the CEO or Franchisee owner. 

Interesting Highlights:

  • Innovative idea of achievement based compensation.
  • Ways you can structure your business to always have someone ready to step up to meet the operational needs of the business.  


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