Ep. 72 - Taher, Inc. COO, Shawn Taher

Ep. 72 - Taher, Inc. COO, Shawn Taher

Our guest today is Shawn Taher, the COO at Taher, Inc.

Shawn has had a unique career, starting in the vending industry filling vending machines at Taher, Inc. to becoming a respected Senior Leader. Leading his team on his newest initiative “Healthy is the New Cool”. With his simple leadership style based on honesty, straight-forward communication, coaching leaders to achieve their maximum potential and giving back to the communities his family serves. Shawn has led teams to earn Taher, Inc’s largest single vending client, successfully turning around multiple struggling divisions, and most recently with the help of his team developed & manufacture a line of fresh food for a 500+ store chain Convenience Store company. 

Starting in 2005 as the founding Treasurer and eventual Chairman of the Board for the Jack Brewer Foundation, Shawn is an active member of Hospitality Minnesota’s Foundation Board. In 2012, working together with brother Trent, created a Thanksgiving initiative that has delivered over 85,000 meals to families in need. Most recently, again in partnership with his brother, Shawn has launched the Real Food Initiative® & Real Food Lab® where they plan to continue the journey of educating and engaging kids on where food comes from and how to cook using real foods to combat childhood hunger. 

Shawn was recently a keynote speaker at the United Nations sharing Taher’s views and initiatives involving Diplomacy through Food. Taher is the sole Foodservice partner with the Montessori Model UN. 

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Being a COO is dependent on what does your CEO need? What are his/her strengths and weaknesses? 
  • Staying laser-focused and sticking to plans, constantly communicating up
  • Not blindsiding, leaving room for the opinion 
  • Dress code of the baby boomers 
  • Gaining skills outside the company is essential — half iron man and training without music, reading fair amount for mindset (action items from the text) 

Interesting Highlights:

  • Being outgoing has its advantages 
  • Planning and organization are top traits of a COO – some projects take enormous planning


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