Ep. 71 - Zurixx COO, Andrew Way

Ep. 71 - Zurixx COO, Andrew Way

Our guest today is Andrew Way, the COO at Zurixx.

After working with large internationally-known brands, including Nike and Amazon, and multiple innovative education companies Andrew Way joined Zurixx’s executive team in 2017. Andrew has over 20 years of marketing, sales, business development, client services, and overall revenue operations experience. After playing collegiate soccer, Andrew graduated from the University of Montana in 1997. Andrew’s global experience in North America, Asia, Oceana, and Europe allows him to bring a wide skillset to Zurixx’s sales, marketing, services, brand management, and corporate communications departments. 

When Andrew isn’t working, he can be found spending time with his wife and two sons on trails and rivers near his Park City home. Andrew believes in the education Zurixx provides students and the emphasis Zurixx places on giving back to local communities.  He’s also got a wicked sense of humor…

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Zurixx being a weird business unlike any other. 
  • Using old school marketing tactics, like billboards, direct mail, radio, etc., in today’s market.
  • The importance of finding the size of business you fit best in. 
  • The top 5 lessons learned from Andrew’s experience in the role of being a COO.
  • Why the higher you rise on the org chart results in more people you are managing, even if they are not your direct reports. 

Interesting Highlights:

  • What is is like working with Damon and Robert from Shark Tank and how Zurixx is leveraging them in their business model.
  • Why it is important to listen more and talk less — no matter how close you think you are, you are not your target audience. Let your customers tell you what they want. 


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