Ep. 62 - Lessonly President & COO, Connor Burt

Ep. 62 - Lessonly President & COO, Connor Burt

Our guest today is Conner Burt, the President of Lessonly.

Lessonly is the powerfully simple way for teams to learn and practice like never before. They’ve worked with hundreds of companies to help train their teams.

Conner serves all of Lessonly’s go to market teams and has been responsible for growing Lessonly from 0 to 750 clients and over 2 million learners.

As a first time entrepreneur, he used his prior adventures at ExactTarget and a background in Division 1 College athletics, as a coach and player, to guide his philosophies around building world-wide teams.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • When hiring people, hire people who have a passion for anything in life because this translates into your business as well.
  • Why leaders should be the last one to speak in the room.
  • Inspecting what you expect and how this translates into the day-to-day workings of a company.
  • The culture of Lessonly and how it was created and continues to grow and thrive as the company continues to expand.

Interesting Highlights:

  • The 6 morning savers: silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, scribing.
  • Discover some of the top technology tools Lessonly is currently using in their business today.


Connect with Conner Burt: LinkedIn

Check out Lessonly: https://www.lessonly.com/

Connect with Cameron: Website | LinkedIn

Get Cameron’s latest book “Meetings Suck: Turning One of The Most Loathed Elements of Business into One of the Most Valuable.

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