Ep. 60 - Acorns COO, Manning Field

Ep. 60 - Acorns COO, Manning Field

Our guest today is Manning Field, the Chief Operating Officer of Acorns.

Manning oversees the business with direct accountability for growth, retention, experimentation, customer service, analytics, project management, and Acorns’ regulated entities.

Prior to Acorns, Manning launched market-leading products and programs at JPMorgan Chase like Chase Sapphire, Chase Freedom, and Chase Ultimate Rewards, and was named an Ad Age “40 Under 40.” He also spent four years in Beijing, China, as CMO of JPMorgan Chase’s consumer team and while there, founded a local credit card business.

During his 18-year tenure at Chase, Manning oversaw many departments including Branding, Advertising, Product Development, Marketing, Corporate Development, Innovation, B2B Corporate Sales Strategy, and, lastly, as the Managing Director of Loyalty Innovation. He and his wife have three future Acorns investors.

“Learning how to navigate an organization is not that valuable in a small company. Learning how to inspire people, lead people, share experience, sit alongside someone to solve a problem, that becomes more important than how to navigate an org chart.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Assumptions of working in a startup and what is reality and what is just a stereotype; discussing the importance of processes and structure within the startup space.
  • Knowing the CEO and how the CEO thinks is worth a lot.
  • When to stop adding staff members and when to start leveraging people within the organization.
  • Not holding people accountable but instead, hiring accountable people.
  • Why using education of a product as part of your marketing strategy can be profitable.

Interesting Highlights:

  • What “influence management” is and how it applies to startup companies.
  • Finding growth opportunities by creating 2 lists. One list of things you want to change and one list of jobs you want to fire yourself from.


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