Ep. 54 – Sport & Social Group President, Rob Davies

Ep. 54 – Sport & Social Group President, Rob Davies

Our guest today is Rob Davies, the President of Sport & Social Group.

Sport & Social Group hosts sports leagues and events for adults.

After graduating from Queen’s University and Wilfrid Laurier, Rob began a career in management consulting, which he found particularly spirit crushing. When he found the Sport & Social club in its early years, he loved the entrepreneurial feel and industry vibe. Starting from 3 employees and 200 teams, SSC has grown to host 10,000 teams playing across 11 locations. They have a goal of hitting 1 million members and are well on their way to scaling the organization.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Ways to stay in sync with the CEO while still leveraging strengths but not starting all ideas right away.
  • How your meeting cadence can ensure alignment within a leadership team.
  • Why hiring, evaluating, and firing against your core values is important.
  • The delicacy of managing and motivating people.

Interesting Highlights:

  • The job of a COO is to align the leadership team to the rest of the company.
  • Stay working at a company as long as you are learning something.


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Check out Sport & Social Group: https://sportsocial.club/

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