Ep. 52 - Gym Launch COO, Mimi Naghshineh

Ep. 52 - Gym Launch COO, Mimi Naghshineh

Our guest today is Mimi Naghshineh, the COO of Gym Launch.

Mimi Naghshineh is the Chief Operations Officer of Gym Launch Secrets & Prestige Labs, helping gym owners create a profitable clientele. She oversees all operational areas including customer service, sales, IT, HR, finance and marketing.

Mimi was the 14th employee when she joined in October 2017 and they have now grown to a strong 96. Prior to Gym Launch, she spent 8 years working with digital marketing companies primarily in the automotive space. She is now proud to work with Gym Launch, which recently went from $0 to $30 million in 18 months.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Seeing the holes in a company; but also having the ability to work on them and fix them.
  • The ideas and growth of coming into a COO role.  
  • The Kolbe Profile and the relation of this in describing the COO & CEO role.
  • Ensuring the leadership team is 100% on the same page at all times and figuring out the balance of working together.
  • Managing a remote team and the amount of communication it requires.
  • The protocol theory that  new ideas need to loop in all parties from the beginning and learning that going international is not easy!

Interesting Highlights:

  • The dynamic of family and business.
  • Understanding the role of the COO is everlasting; you are always learning.
  • Discuss the balance between a pair of CEO’s who are married and navigating that relationship; both personal and professional.
  • The company culture interview and finding the right people for your teams.


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