Ep. 49 - Bulletproof 360 President & COO, Anna Collins

Ep. 49 - Bulletproof 360 President & COO, Anna Collins

Our guest today is Anna Collins, the President and COO of Bulletproof 360.

Bulletproof 360 is a world-renowned brand which provides supplements, foods, and technologies to help people perform better, think faster and live radically improved lives.

Anna is responsible for the strategy, operations and omnichannel growth of the company. Her mission there is to create products and provide information that supports Bulletproof’s vision to help people tap into the unlimited potential of being human. She is a versatile and transformational leader who has pioneered and scaled new businesses at some of the world’s most admired multi-billion-dollar companies.

Most recently, Anna served as worldwide general manager of Amazon Prime membership, where she led the first two Prime Days, pricing and member engagement, growth and retention programs. Prior to Amazon, she was recruited to Microsoft to build out and scale the global search advertising business from concept through launch and growth to over $1.6 billion. She has also led initiatives with CVS Health, SVP Media, and holds an MBA from Harvard University. When not changing the world Anna coaches sons Henry and Cooper in basketball and keeps up with her wonderful wife Debbie.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The building blocks of linking strategy to execution
  • Why guiding principals create alignment and can help companies scale
  • How to not take yourself so seriously and still win in business

Interesting Highlights:

  • How Amazon played a role in the success of Bulletproof
  • Why slowing down can essentially make you go faster in the long run
  • The process of figuring out what to measure in the business and why it is essential to look at the numbers


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  1. Yes and he is my son of whom I am SO PROUD. John Herold

  2. I think there was mention of an on-boarding or fast start plan for new employees. Is there any chance I can get a copy of the template? Loved the interview!

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