Ep. 42 – Hungry for Happiness COO, Erin Rector

Ep. 42 – Hungry for Happiness COO, Erin Rector

Erin Rector is the COO of Hungry for Happiness and she is our guest today.

Erin Rector, M.A. is clinically trained therapist and COO at Hungry for Happiness.  She trained as a therapist at one of the top research institutes in the country before deciding to combine her love of psychology & wellness with her background in traditional business and consumer branding. Today, at Hungry for Happiness, Erin takes a bold approach to leading her team, building and scaling a value-centric culture and thriving online start-up.

Hungry for Happiness is a movement of women dedicated to ending the fight with food and their bodies by addressing the underlying causes of emotional eating. When we heal our connection to our bodies and reestablish trust in ourselves, we realize our problems really have very little to do with food.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Initiating productive communication in the CEO-COO marriage
  • Using Cameron’s “decision filter” and other project management tactics to curtail the launch of too many new ideas at once
  • Erin’s three principles for success in whatever role you’re in
  • The importance of asking “why” before starting a task

Interesting Highlights:

  • How Erin and her CEO’s shared interest in spirituality contributes to their business model
  • How to work with a quickstarter
  • Why trust is Erin’s biggest lesson


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