Ep. 40 – YPO President & COO, Sean Magennis

Ep. 40 – YPO President & COO, Sean Magennis

Sean Magennis, is the President and COO of YPO and he is our guest today.

Sean began his business career in management in South Africa with one of the country’s largest producers of agricultural chemicals. After moving to Canada in 1990, he founded an organizational development consulting and human resources business as well as an executive search business, which grew to encompass operations in Canada, the USA and Mexico serving several thousand clients. Sean spent over 16 years experience globally expanding the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), and is currently an active member and past Chair of the YPO Gold Dallas Chapter.

YPO is a global community of chief executives dedicated to becoming “Better Leaders through Lifelong Learning and Idea Exchange.” Today, YPO empowers more than 27,000 members in more than 130 countries, diversified among industries and types of businesses. Altogether, YPO member-run companies generate $9 trillion in annual revenues and employ 22 million people.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Taking the tenets of forum into business: transparency, honesty, authenticity, parking your ego, & equality
  • Separating natural physiological human reactions from the realities of business
  • Learning from cultural nuances between international chapters
  • Successfully working with younger generations

Interesting Highlights:

  • The values of YPO membership
  • Humans first, business second
  • Speaking protocol: only speaking from factual data
  • How turnover is healthy and can even result in lifelong advocates of your organization


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