Ep. 36 - Allure Medical Executive Director, Theresa LaBranche

Ep. 36 - Allure Medical Executive Director, Theresa LaBranche

Theresa Labranche, is the executive director at Allure Medical and she is our guest today.


Theresa broke the family mold by being a woman and going to college against her father’s wishes. She obtained a masters of science and physician assistant license by age 26, along with doing lots of self study on business and operations. Theresa has been with the company for over 10 years and has been instrumental in doubling revenue in 1 year reaching over $40 million, doubling locations, and growing to over 200 employees. She believes firmly in growing your business by growing your people and always seeks to harness the unique abilities of her workforce.


Allure Medical, an innovative medical spa that uses world renown treatments to achieve their mission of helping their clientele not only look their best, but feel their best. The company has achieved 500% growth in annual revenue in just the past three years.


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • MVP and Cameron’s concept of MVE (minimum viable everything)
  • How Allure medical has scaled from 4 to 13 locations, 100 to 240 employees, and $20 to $40 million in just 2 years
  • How to hire people that value personal growth from the start
  • How Theresa is now recruiting the leadership team that will be above everyone who is currently in the company
  • Why your personal value is more important than your job title


Interesting Highlights:

  • Why Theresa reads “incessantly” to grow with her position
  • The benefits of using the 15-5 report
  • How the COO Alliance became Theresa’s tribe



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Check out Allure Medical: alluremedical.com

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