Ep. 35 - Ticket City President, Zach Anderson

Ep. 35 - Ticket City President, Zach Anderson

Zach Anderson, the President of TicketCity, is our guest today.

Zach is the current president at Ticket City, a trusted ticket resale service that provides access to great tickets for over 100,000 top sports and music events around the world. He has developed and implemented marketing and ecommerce initiatives which have produced over $1 billion in sales. He oversees marketing, personnel, product development, and legal departments. In his 18 years with Ticket City, they have grown to be the largest privately held ticket company in the world.

TicketCity was founded in 1990 by Randy Cohen with the goal of making it easier for people to get tickets for their favorite events, back when most of the business was done in-person or over the phone. That all changed in 1998 when TicketCity became the first ticket resale website to offer online checkout. Since then TicketCity has grown immensely and maintains partnerships with companies like CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated, and USA Today.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How TicketCity manages a B2C marketplace and wholesale division
  • Navigating legal systems around ticket resale
  • The benefits and challenges of working with Generation Y/ Millennials in the workforce
  • How to distinguish clear roles for the CEO and COO

Interesting Highlights:

  • Zach’s policy on not viewing his CEO’s social media posts
  • How to remain motivated while also not taking business challenges too seriously
  • How books have become the new business card


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