Ep. 33 - Grant Cardone Enterprises COO, Sheri Hamilton

Ep. 33 - Grant Cardone Enterprises COO, Sheri Hamilton

Sheri Hamilton, the Chief Operating Officer for Grant Cardone Enterprises, is our guest today.

In 2011, Mrs. Hamilton took on the role of Chief Operations Officer for Cardone Training Technologies, Inc, Cardone Capital, Cardone Real Estate Acquisitions and Cardone Enterprises, Inc.

In her tenure at the helm, the organization has grown from four properties and a staff of eight, to a thriving venture, with over 107 staff, $800 million assets under management and five successfully performing real estate investments funds, a digital TV network, an ad agency, a world-class online sales training university and a bar-setting Entrepreneur/Business Conference, 10XGrowthCon, going into overdrive, expecting 35,000 attendees for three days in only its third year.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Sheri took on COO of 4 different companies
  • How to know if second in command is the right job for you
  • How the 10x GrowthCon Live conference grew more rapidly than anyone imagined
  • Why a remote staff doesn’t work for everyone
  • The real reason people hate work meetings

Interesting Highlights:

  • When CEO Grant was stuck at the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas
  • How Sheri navigates “the hurricane”
  • The exclusive entrepreneurial ecoverse in Eden, Utah


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