Ep. 30 - Loud Rumor Vice President, Robert Childers

Ep. 30 - Loud Rumor Vice President, Robert Childers

Rob Childers, is the VP of operations at Loud Rumor and he is our guest today.

Loud Rumor is a digital advertising agency that specializes in lead generation for gyms, fitness studios and wellness companies. Since customer success is their top priority, they frame themselves as a customer service company that just so happens to be amazing at fitness marketing.


Since starting at Loud Rumor, Rob has helped the company to niche solely into the fitness and wellness space and more than triple its customer base.


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Loud Rumor is paving the way to become the number one resource for gyms and fitness studios
  • Why cultivating devotion has become Rob’s best asset in leadership
  • How COOs can best support their CEOs during tough times


Interesting Highlights:

  • The explanation behind the thousands of sticky notes on the office walls of Loud Rumor
  • Why Rob aims to be the “dumbest person in the room”
  • Why mood disorders like ADD and bipolar are also superpowers



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