Ep. 20 - Kion Co-Founder & COO Angelo Keely

Ep. 20 - Kion Co-Founder & COO Angelo Keely

Angelo Keely, the Chief Operating Officer of Kion, is our guest today.

Kion is a dietary supplement and functional food company.

Angelo, with his diverse and unique background, a professional musician (beatboxing, rapping, and drumming) with a passion in helping the youth. Along with Ben Greenfield, they co-founded Kion.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Core skill sets needed to be the COO of Kion
  • Key tactics that helped align management and employees with the vivid vision of the company.
  • How to manage group dynamics of the leadership team, the employees, and the suppliers.

Interesting Highlights:

  • The skill sets and qualifications Kion is looking for in their team.
  • How Angelo recruits and handles interviews.
  • Angelo’s take on the differences in the CEO and COO roles.



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