Ep. 16 - Seva (Formerly ConvertKit) COO, Barrett Brooks

Ep. 16 - Seva (Formerly ConvertKit) COO, Barrett Brooks

Barrett Brooks, the Chief Operating Officer at Seva (Formerly ConvertKit), is our guest today. Seva (Formerly ConvertKit) is a bootstrapped startup building email marketing software on a mission to help creators earn a living.

In the past, Barrett led growth at Fizzle.co, worked for bestselling author Seth Godin, and founded a company called Living for Monday where he helped college students find jobs that actually matter.


In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The advantages to being a remote team while maintaining a strong culture.
  • How to run focused and productive team meetings.
  • How the Seva (Formerly ConvertKit) leadership translates their vision into strategy, and their strategy into actions.

Interesting Highlights:

  • Seva (Formerly ConvertKit) works to ensure their applicant pool is diverse to ensure a diverse team.
  • Why Seva (Formerly ConvertKit) focuses on operational efficiency instead of team growth.
  • How Barrett leads decision making at Seva (Formerly ConvertKit) through filters.


You can download The Decision Filter here.


Connect with Barrett:

Website | LinkedIn | Seva

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