Ep. 11 - Influencive Co-founder & COO, Clinton Senkow

Ep. 11 - Influencive Co-founder & COO, Clinton Senkow

Clinton Senkow, the Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer at Influencive, is our guest today.

Influencive is an online publication Founded by Inc. 500 Entrepreneur Brian D. Evans that publishes unconventional business, motivational and entrepreneurial wisdom.

Influencive Contributors include Inc 500 Entrepreneurs, TED speakers, millionaires, billionaires, highly successful and gifted entrepreneurs, along with incredible writers in the entrepreneurial, inspiration, startup and online business space.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Clinton leverages meetings
  • Why Clinton avoids communication tasks
  • Why Clinton only collaborates with truly elite brands
  • How to be both a friend & business partner to your CEO
  • Why you should be attracting hires with a variety of skillsets
  • How partnering with the right brands can facilitate massive growth
  • How the perfect CEO-COO Skillset match produced a multi-million dollar company

Interesting Highlights:

  • Learn how Influencive started as a simple one-man blog
  • Learn about the operational structure of Influencive’s team
  • Learn what internal tools Influencive uses to manage Operations
  • Learn what hats Clinton wears & why he focuses on PR & relationships


Connect with Clinton: WebsiteLinkedIn | Twitter

Check out Influencive here & on LinkedIn

Misunderstood Role of the Chief Operating Officer”

“Meetings Suck” by Cameron Herold

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