Ep. 09 - Sumo VP of Sales, Anton Sepetov

Ep. 09 - Sumo VP of Sales, Anton Sepetov

Anton Sepetov, the VP of Sales at Sumo.com & AppSumo.com, is our guest today.

Anton realized his passion for business & entrepreneurship at a young age. He immigrated from Russia as a child & his family turned a couple hundred dollars into a multi-million dollar business. Over 20 years later, that company is still running successfully.

Sumo is on a mission to help every online business grow.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Why on-site experience trumps education
  • Why mentors are necessary for serious leveling up
  • How to overcome the early hurdle of being strapped for time
  • Why saying “No” can give your CEO space to think ideas through

Interesting Highlights:

  • Learn why Cameron promises 10 x
  • Learn how Anton keeps his CEO laser-focused
  • Learn why Anton’s company has an unconditional refund policy
  • Learn why new business can’t get around spending 30% of their time on sales & 30% on admin


Connect with Anton: LinkedIn | Twitter

Check out AppSumo here

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