Ep. 07 - Wild Apricot CMO, Shiv Narayanan

Ep. 07 - Wild Apricot CMO, Shiv Narayanan

Shiv Narayanan, the CMO of Wild Apricot who functions as the company’s Second in Command, is our guest today.

Shiv has led multiple global product launches (NA, EMEA, APAC, LATAM) with a diverse portfolio of products, verticals, business models and clients in mobile, SaaS, retail, eCommerce and mCommerce.

Specializing in lowering customer acquisition costs, capturing and cultivating high-quality leads and maximizing lifetime value by increasing transaction size, frequency and velocity, Shiv is constantly studying the underlying reasons behind why companies are able to scale exponentially and is passionate about creating a preeminent position within the marketplace as the foundation for long-term success.

Wild Apricot is industry-leading web-based software for small associations and non-profits to help manage membership, website, events and other activities. In fact, Cameron Herold‘s team uses Wild Apricot to help manage COO Alliance!

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How to manage & honor investor expectations that your company continually increase profitability 
  • Why running an organization in a decentralized fashion enables exponential growth by increasing efficiency
  • How Shiv stepped up as Wild Apricot’s CEO pulled away from day-to-day activities (and how to time this transition)
  • Why having a sandbox for testing, rejection, & adjustment of ideas is crucial for leveraging new knowledge & information
  • How Shiv preserved company culture throughout an acquisition by Personify Corp by minimizing conflict-of-interest & building trust

Interesting Highlights:

  • Learn how to use  the “Advice Process” to run world-class, massive teams
  • Learn 10 key hiring strategies that set up smooth onboarding & training processes
  • Learn why natural hierarchies, not rigid power structures, give leaders the best space to grow
  • Learn the difference between Soft Skills & Technical Skills (Why/How/What – Golden Circle Model)


Connect with Shiv: LinkedIn | LeadPages Feature

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