Ep. 05 - Lifematters COO & CFO, Joe Esparraguera

Ep. 05 - Lifematters COO & CFO, Joe Esparraguera

Joe Esparraguera, COO & CFO of Lifematters, is our guest today. As the man behind all operations, client servicing, & finances, Joe is tasked with bringing a financial voice and fiscal discipline to this well functioning machine. Lifematters is an industry-leading provider of customized home care & health care management services in the Washington, D.C. metro area. 

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How changes in healthcare legislation have affected the healthcare business sector
  • How Joe navigated a path from the U.S. Army to multiple Executive Leadership positions
  • How Joe transformed his CEO’s vision into a practical, executable plan of services & operations
  • How Joe learned how to manage & lead team members without firsthand experience of their job

Interesting Highlights:

  • Learn how mastering both Finance & Human Relations can give you a unique edge
  • Learn how the hiring process & company culture can create top-quality service for clients
  • Learn how the COO role shifts from top-down delegation to bottom-up support as a company grows


Connect with Joe: LinkedIn | Bio

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