Ep. 04 - Annmarie Skincare COO, Rachel Pachivas

Ep. 04 - Annmarie Skincare COO, Rachel Pachivas

Rachel Pachivas, COO of Annmarie Skincare, is our guest today. She manages all the behind-the-scenes operations that keep the company moving along smoothly: building love & culture, product research and development, branding and style, and ongoing education on organics, GMOs, & the skin care industry.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Rachel’s trip to Australia shed light on the importance of providing clients organically-sourced ingredients
  • How Rachel came on-board in 2012 as the third hire & scaled Annemarie Skin Care to a multi-million revenue business
  • Why Rachel has dedicated her life to moving harmful chemicals off shelves & completely out of the health/beauty industries
  • How crafting a sense of community where team members express themselves emotionally can create an unbreakable company culture

Interesting Highlights:

  • Learn what you DON’T know about the chemicals you use on your skin & body daily.
  • Learn how a health-centric company can compete & thrive against low-margin, big-name competition
  • Learn about agricultural issues unique to United States-based companies & how to achieve best practices profitably


Connect with Rachel: Twitter | LinkedIn | Bio

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