Are You Coaching Effectively?

Are You Coaching Effectively?

Are You Coaching Effectively?

Coaching and developing people is core to any leader’s role, and it requires communication. Believe it or not, a great portion of CEO, CFO or COO training seminars are about CEOs, CFOs and Chief Operations Officers training their own reporting employees.

Not sure where I heard this, but the phrase “the ability to get people promoted is the best sign of a great leader” couldn’t be more accurate. I know I heard it back in the 1980s during my College Pro Painters days when we spent a lot of time coaching and mentoring franchisees. 

Coaching done well is an art, and it helps build communication skills. You take in the information from a coach and turn it into real-world action. It’s the kind of stuff that takes someone from being 2nd in command to someone who grabs the helm. Developing the ability to ingest that kind of information and turn it into results is a precious skill and one that should be developed in each of your employees.

The best athletes in the world have coaches and continuously learn from them. CEOs, CFOs and Chief Operating Officers drawing six figure salaries all have mentors that they continuously learn from. Employees in a growing organization need the same skill development. Learning how to adapt our coaching styles to different situations and give constructive guidance and feedback are important because this helps us process information and that turn that into action.

We spend time coaching someone in a business setting because we need the learner to increase their results so we can hit our goals. CEOs do it to COOs. COOs and VPs do it to middle level operating managers. It passes down all the way to customer facing employees. That is how it should ideally work. At the end of the day, coaching will assist us in hitting the results leaders are supposed to hit too because we’re communicating the vision for the organization.

There is no question that preparation is one of the most important areas of coaching. If not done properly, the coach is merely flying by the seat of their pants and the learner knows this. Always walk into each discussion with a plan.

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