What Would Grandma Do?

What Would Grandma Do?

Grandmothers are chock-full of wisdom. As a business coach and mentor, I suggest that when you’re thinking about how to conduct yourself as COO, remember the simplicity of grandma’s rules, and incorporate those in how you treat people. 

For instance, sending a simple, handwritten thank you note to a peer or team member goes miles. Nothing beats a handwritten thank you note. It’s even more powerful today in our fleeting, electronic world. Getting a handwritten note means you took the time to say thank you the rightway.

Jack Daly takes the handwritten thank you note one step further. Jack takes photos of himself with people, often in fun situations. He then uploads those photos to Shutterfly.comSendOutCards.com, or a similar website where he can quickly type up a personal note. Then—presto—Shutterfly mails the card to the person’s address for Jack. Those cards don’t get thrown away.

Regardless of your chosen approach, physical thank you notes are rare and serve as small reminders of kindness to your peers and team members.

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