Don't Make This Hiring Mistake...

Don't Make This Hiring Mistake...

Don’t Make This Hiring Mistake…

Never let go of a great potential job candidate.

When you have a great potential hire, hire them.

Never let go. Never give up. Never let HR get in the way.

Don’t sit back “hoping” this person decides to work with you. When you know they are perfect, hire them. NOW.

I was coaching a client recently who said he had a great potential hire. Someone who he thought the company might lose because of something one of the interviewers said during the final interview.

My client was hoping the person would decide to take the job anyway. He was going to contact HR to see how the candidate was progressing with their decision.

I jumped on this as a coaching moment, and said “CALL THEM NOW.”

I gave him the old scenario. If you were in a bar as a 20-something, and had your eye on a cute girl who you really liked, would you walk over to her friend to ask if she liked you? You might. But during those few minutes of weakness, or indecision, what if another guy walked over to talk to the girl you liked while you were “waiting” to see if she liked you? Chances are, you might lose out.

When you’re hiring, HIRE. Business is a full-contact sport. Don’t hope great people join the company. If you have them in your sights, land them. NOW. 

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