Finding Your COO Tribe

Finding Your COO Tribe

Finding Your COO Tribe – –

Everyone focuses on teaching CEOs how to grow as leaders. But who’s helping you raise your game?
You’re a true partner to your CEO, the yin to their yang. And with that, you recognize you’re in a different, and frequently weird place than any other C-level executive at your company.
You probably worry that:
  • You’re operating in a vacuum. You don’t have anywhere to learn or share COO ideas.
  • You have too much information to process, too many tasks, and too many projects to run.
  • And maybe…you’re in over your head.
Guess what? I hear this from COOs all the time. And in case your CEO hasn’t told you, they often feel this way too.
We’re all just figuring it out as we go. If not, we aren’t challenging ourselves or growing.
The COO Alliance Blog will help you move past your challenges and fears. I’m not into theory, so you’ll get practical advice here every week—the type of guidance that only comes from experience. You’ll learn how to support fast growth that serves your company well.

For now, complete this scorecard to assess your aptitude as Second in Command.

What's your COO Score?

The COO Alliance is here to help with these, and many other, challenges facing COOs today. For more information, and to apply, click here.

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