3 Things You Can Do to Engage Your Team and Save Money Now

3 Things You Can Do to Engage Your Team and Save Money Now – –

A CEO that I’ve had coached for two years has just done 100% revenue growth in a 24 month period, he then asked me: What can I do to quickly engage my team around saving money now and do the same with profit?”

Are you experiencing the same thing? Listed below are things you can do and don’t worry, it’ll only take you 60 minutes or less:

Give them Post-Its: Gather all your employees in the board room then give them 10 Post-It notes each and ask them to write down SPECIFIC ideas, one idea per Post-It note, on what the company can do to :

 Save Money

 Increase Sales

 Increase Margin

*Good ideas take time, so be patient, and give your employees 5 minutes to come up with the ideas.

*Share: Once they have finished, have each person stand up and read what they have written on their Post-It notes then ask them to put them up on the wall. After all the notes are up on the wall, have your employees vote on them. Vote by putting a tick mark at the bottom of the Post-It notes.

(# of Post-It notes/ Divided by the number of people = Number of Votes each person gets)

*Eliminate and Implement: Count up the tick marks and eliminates Post-It notes with zero or low votes, pick out the Post-It notes with the most votes and do the ones that are easy, fast to do, and cost little or nothing at all.

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