Informed Optimism (or Hopeful Realization)

Informed Optimism (or Hopeful Realization)

Informed Optimism (or Hopeful Realization) – –

This is a stage in your business that comes after a negative bout, also known as Crisis of Meaning.

It’s when you feel like The Little Engine That Could turned the corner and realized “he did” and “knew he would.”

You’ll start feeling energized again. You’ll start re-building your confidence as COO.  And you’ll start to feel momentum working in your favor again.  You’ll also have a lot more insight and experiential learning to draw from. You’ll realize you have more competence and confidence as COO than before and everything will start to go your way. This would be the ideal stage to always be at. However, you won’t be at this stage forever. More realistically, when you get here it just means you’re getting ready to ride the roller coaster again. 

It will feel like on a real roller coaster when the chain grabs hold – like ch-ch-chch-chch!  Right?  And you have that sigh of relief. That’s because you’re fully informed that you’re OK, and now you’ve got the optimism that you’ll need to start going up again.  Just before that, you’re more hopeful.

This stage is also called Hopeful Realization. “I think I can… I think I can” turns into, “I know I can.”  You have to be really careful at this stage to not think everything is OK and pull away from your mentors and support groups. You might just slide backwards off the track.

On a real life rollercoaster you can get off. On the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship, you can’t. The rollercoaster just keeps on going over and over again. So just get used to it and never give up.

Watch these blokes on a roller coaster in Vegas.

Remember, when riding a rollercoaster, one has two choices:

1. They can either hold on for dear life and scream
2. They can waive their arms in the air and laugh. 

Either way – they are still riding the roller coaster. Exactly the same as the Transition Curve. You’re going to ride it. Enjoy the ride as much as you can.

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